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We are excited to bring our award-winning, well-known and well-respected lesson program to the Dunnellon/Ocala area! Come check us out!


1 hour private lesson           $75

1 hour group lesson             $60

4 lesson package                $230

8 lesson package                 $440 

Trail riding and horsemanship lessons available--pricing varies

Learn to ride correctly from the beginning. In order to do so, you need a great mount! We are tremendously proud of our 20 beautiful, experienced, and eternally patient lesson horses!

Our program focuses on reward-based training methods where our students learn to develop a respectful partnership with their equine friends. Developing an equine partnership is an incredibly rewarding experience for children and adults alike. We enjoy teaching all ages and levels of riding experience, in both English and Western disciplines. Face it--good riding and horsemanship skills are the fundamentals for all riding!

We strongly believe in teaching meaningful leadership skills through horsemanship to all ages of riders. Developing great leadership skills with equine partners translates into positive interactions in all aspects of life--interpersonal and social skills, school activities, workplace relationships, etc. Our approach is fun and interactive, whether you are preparing for showing or pleasure riding. Let's get started today!

Our lesson program is available Tuesday through Sunday, by appointment. There are opportunities to attend horse shows, from local shows through rated levels--or just come ride for fun and enjoyment! We have a wide assortment of horses and ponies who are all seasoned schoolmasters, trailmasters, and show horses. Please call to schedule your appointment. We look forward to assisting you with your riding goals!

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